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Titanium Line Roller Upgrades for Shimano reels by MV Spools in Spain


These will last 10x longer than the rollers that come as standard, perfect for using with braid, Titanium is much more braid friendly and hard wearing, braid does has a tendancy of cutting through the line rollers over time.



These will fit most Shimano Big pit reels, such as the following:


Shimano Ultegra XTD

Ultegra XTB

Ultegra Ci4 XTC / XSC

Ultegra Ci4 XTB / XSB

Aero Technium MGS XTB / XSB

Aero Technium MGS XTC / XSC

Aero technium XSB / XTB / XSC

Aerlex Spod

Ultegara Spod


These are designed to slip over the already existing bearing / bushes, the only part you will have to remove is the line roller itself.




Titanium Line Roller Upgrade (Shimano)

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