Self Fit Stainless Steel Sprung Loaded High Impact Line Clip to fit Daiwa Tournament 5000T's/SS3000/5000BE's


How To Fit


1. Remove old plastic line clip by tapping the metal pin out with a punch

2. Place the new plastic guide on the inside of the spool and line the holes up

3. Push the new stainless line clip through the hole, place the spring onto the clip on the inside of the spool

4. With a pair of needle nose pliers gently push the E-clip onto the end of the line clip where the groove is whilst holding the spring back with a pair of tweezers.



We can fit these for you if you send your spools into us for a fitting charge of £5 per line clip (CHOOSE THE SEND-IN OPTION)


Black coming soon

Stainless Steel High Impact Line Clip (5000T) (Self Fit)