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Shimano Spool Clicker Upgrade


This fits 95% of Shimano's big pit reels, including Power Aero XTB / XSB,  Ultegra XTD / XTB / XTC / XSC .





We have created this clicker upgrade because of the common issue of your older spool clickers seizing up creating a weak or inconsistent sound when the spool is turning, these are easy to fit and give you a much stronger sound.


How to fit:


1. Remove old clicker by removing the small screw underneath your spool

2. Place the new metal click plate on the small raised part of the spool making sure you line the hole up, please note that the dog leg of the click plate should be facing up towards you, not down towards the spool. TIP - Place a small amount of grease or Vaseline on the parts and your screwdriver to act as a glue to hold the small parts in place whilst you fit.

3. Using tweezers or tiny fingers place the spring back over the top of the click plate, then fix your screw back in. DO NOT over tighten the screw, this can cause damage to your spool itself.



Any issues with fitting these we can supply and fit these clickers for £10 per spool, please contact us to arrange a booking.

Shimano Spool Clicker Upgrade

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