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Shimano Aero Technium Clicker Spring These will fit the following Aero Technium models: Mgs 12,000 XTBMgs 10,000 XSB12,000 XTB10,000 XSB6000 XSB These will NOT fit the newer 2018+ XTC and XSC models. Springs for these reels are now incredibly hard to get hold of, we have managed to get our hands of a small batch, we will be the only seller of these springs and once they are gone they are gone.

Spools are no longer available to buy.


These springs are not exactly the same as the originals, they are about 1mm shorter in length, which makes the click slighlty stronger. The most common fault with the old spring was it disappearing altogether leaving just the brass post and the steel click plate left in place. Fitting instructions: Using tweezers place the hook end of the spring and pass it through the small hole on the steel click plate, then push the loop end of the spring over the small brass post located about 8mm away from the steel click post.


Shimano Aero Technium Clicker Spring Replacement

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