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Daiwa QD Converted Drag Knobs & Quick Drag Washers (ICE Washers)

These brand new drag knobs have been professionally converted using a Carbon Bush by Future Reel Servicing
These are currently available in the following:
SS Kit - SS2600, SS3000, SS5000, SS9000
Tournament 5000T Kit - 5000T, 6000T, 5000T BE, Fits SS reels also.
Tournament 5000T BE (Black) - 5000T BE, 5000T, 6000T, Fits SS reels also.


Inifnity-X BR Kit - Infinity-X BR 5000 + 5500 reels. Also fits SS reels


All of these kits are cross compatible with one another, I.e you can use any of the above caps on any of the listed above reels.


Please be aware that when purchasing for SS2600 reels the SS2600 reel only requires 3 washers and not 5, please keep the additional 2 as spare. Do not fit the extra 2.


Daiwa Quick Drag Kit

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