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We’ve been waiting for these since the launch of the awesome Black Emblem 45 SCW QD and now they have finally arrived from the Daiwa Factory. In stock now at Future Reel Servicing, these folding wooden handles will not only add the convenience of being able to pack up and move swims quickly, they also look the B******s!







This folding handle is compatible with the following reels:


Emblem 45 SCW

Emblem 35 SCW

Emblem 35 SCW Spod

Emblem 45 SCW OT

Emblem-x (all models)

Tournament 5000T

Tournament 5000T BE



This paired with a gold spool will convert your black 45 SCW Emblems into a gold 45 SCW OT Emblem 
Wooden Knob
Quick fold design
Hex Drive 


(Handle Only)

Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW Folding Wooden Handle

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