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Tackle Labs Ice Washers - Daiwa 5000T / SS3000 / SS5000 / SS9000

These are quick drag washers to fit;
Daiwa -
Tournament 5000T
Tournament 5000T BE
SS9000 Millionmax
You get 5 washers to replace the 5 felt washers that come originally in the spool. Purchase the amount of spools you want, if you need to convert 3 spools then please purchase 'QTY x 3'
Please make sure your spool cap / drag knob is already quick drag compatible, if its not they can be done separately by us.
Without your drag knobs being converted these will not work properly, it will take it down to about 2 full turns (locked up to loose) if you want it even faster you will need to convert the caps too.
These are original Ice Washers sold by Tackle Labs.

Daiwa 5000T / SS3000 ICE Washers

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