Coloured Aluminium Custom Line Clips



High impact line clips made from aluminium anodised in 9 different colours then secured in place using a spring and E-type Circlip .


These are available in both self fit or send in house fitted by us, please see list below to check if these are compatible with your reels first, some can only be fitted by us.



These will fit:



Daiwa -

Tournament 5000T 

Tournament 5000T BE



SS9000 Millionmax (Fitted by us only)


Shimano :(fitted by us only)

Ultegra (every model)

Ultegra  Ci4 (every model)

Aero Technium (every model)


How To Fit


1. Remove old plastic line clip by tapping the metal pin out with a punch

2. Push the new line clip through the hole, place the small washer flat side down over the hole inside the spool then push the spring onto the clip on the inside of the spool

3. With a pair of needle nose pliers gently push the E-clip onto the end of the line clip where the groove is whilst holding the spring back with a pair of tweezers.



**How to purchase for in house fitting**


Bring or send your spools to;


Future Fishing 

Unit 17 hardys business park


NG24 3SD




Pink is limited edition




Coloured Aluminium Custom Line Clip