Daiwa QD Drag Knob Carbon Bush Conversion (Self Fit)


Future Reel Servicing 3K Carbon QD Drag Knob Bushes are hand made to order, these are cut and sanded from a length of High Quality 3K Carbon fibre tube, using Carbon increases strength and durability inside your drag knob.


These are bushes are self fit, we can fit them for you for £10 per drag knob (That includes the bush) please book in via Facebook or

Email - Info@futurereelservicing.co.uk


I wouldn't advise fitting them yourself if you do not have the correct tools and skills, you will need a pillar/bench type drill to make sure your drills are accurate. 


What you will need to fit: Pillar/Bench drill, 3mm HSS drill bit, 2 part epoxy resin/Araldite and patience.



Fitting instructions:


1. Securely fit the drag knob upside down in a vice underneath your drill, carefully drill out using a 3mm bit the old heat welds, there should be 10 in total to drill out. (please be careful not to drill all the way through the cap, you will only need to take the head off, approximately 1.5mm deep)


2. Remove the metal plate, remove the old spring but leave in place the brass threaded plate. degrease the inside of the cap, this is important to make sure your epoxy resin sticks in place.


3. Place the carbon bush onto of the brass plate where the spring sat.


4. Mix your epoxy resin up and carefully apply a thin layer where the heat welds were and add a small amount on the underside of the metal black plate.


5. Firmly push the black metal plate back into place, making sure the holes are lined up correctly and the bush is sat centralised.


6. Wait 6/12 hours for the resin to set before trying to fit the caps.


7. Fit quick drag washers or Ice Washers to your spools if you haven't done so already. 




*Please note that these bushes are hand cut and sanded so there could be very small differences between batches*

Daiwa QD Drag Knob Carbon Bush Conversion